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How to Choose Your Career

What do want to be when you grow up?

We’ve all been asked this question. And throughout our lives, the answer can change as our skills refine and our interests shift.

I am the parent of a pre-teen and a teenager. They have many questions about their future, and are figuring out their interests along the way. They both know that they want a career that interests them, and will sustain them.  I look forward to showing them this infographic below, as many of the points are ones that come up in our thoughtful and thought-provoking conversations about choosing a career.


source: Jobacle

Stay productive. Recharge.

bocce instagram efaranoHave you noticed it being a little quiet in the office lately? For so many industries, it can get quiet as we’re well into summer. It’s the time of the year when a lot of people take the opportunity of the nice summer weather and get away.

This is a perfect time to recharge your batteries, and a time for reflection and relaxation. Get out in the fresh air, enjoy some recreation, read a few books, BBQ with some friends, and just relax in general. And if you’re in the office this week, this is also a great time to recharge your batteries in the office setting, maybe even take a business associate out for a patio lunch to reacquaint yourselves now that a free moment has presented itself.

In some ways this time of year is similar to the winter holidays when business can slow down at the office.   Taking advantage of these quieter times of year can really have some upsides. Now is the time to concentrate on some unfinished projects, spend some time writing down your goals, or catch up on your business reading.

Whatever your situation, make the most of this quiet time. Make every moment count. Next thing you know, things will get busier, so now is the time to recharge.

Are you human?

I stumbled across this amusing TED Talk by Ze Frank earlier today.

It is under 5 minutes, and guaranteed to make you smile and nod in agreement several times. Trust me, you will want to watch it.

Enjoy. 😄



The 5 Best Cultural Fit Scenes from Hollywood

Hollywood sign

File this one under:
“Oh, I wish I had thought of this blog topic myself!”

This post resonates deeply with me. I’ve always been a film fan, and Cultural Fit is what we live and breathe on over here at McNak.

HR expert Kris Dunn writes a compelling post about hiring for cultural fit on Fistful of Talent. Enjoy the 5 video clips accompanying his post. Keep in mind that some are NSFW.

Are your employees engaged at work?

engaged employees

Business owners know that their company is only as good as the people they hire.

To retain your best employees, you must keep them engaged, keep them happy, show respect, and value their contribution to your company’s bottom line. Business owners need to keep this at the top of their mind all the time, and not just at the start of the hiring process. The right engagement tools for your company’s particular culture can help to bring your team together and encourage empowerment, engagement and improved performance.

Your employees represent your brand.  Brand is another word for user experience. Create a culture where your employees can represent your brand in the best light. Engage your employees. Train them. Re-train them.  You will keep customers, and win new ones.

Having a product or service that provides value is one thing. Having the right people representing your business is priceless. Having engaged employees, things will fall into place, and your customers will be there.  Customer service is always key to any business. After all, if you don’t have a customer, you don’t have a business.


What it Takes to Lead a Team

There have been many analogies of coaching sports teams and managing corporate teams. There are so many similarities.

It is so obvious to me as I witness from afar two very different leadership styles of two volunteer ice hockey coaches. #teamwork and #leadership

There are natural leaders who do what they are born to do.  I know a volunteer hockey coach who inspires his team of 13 and 14 year old boys and girls. He makes the early morning practices fun and engaging and encouraging. Throughout the season, the players have loved being together as a team, and being inspired by their coach. They play not only for themselves, but they play for their team. They are not necessarily playing for their coach, but they know that he will be proud when they perform as a team and play well, even if there is a loss. They gave it their all.

Now, this particular team shares practice ice with another team, and it is sad to see that their volunteer coach has a completely different leadership style. He doesn’t inspire. He doesn’t lead. Case in point, this past weekend, Coach A had 16 players show up to practice, a full roster. Coach B had 6 players show up. Talk about lack of engagement.  I know that this is recreational hockey, and these are volunteer coaches, so I can’t get too uptight about it. I just really feel bad for the kids on team B. They have not been given a chance to be inspired by someone who has a love of the game, a respect for their responsibility as a volunteer coach, and a love for what they do. You wonder if some of these kids end up quitting hockey. You wonder if they will be good team players one day in the corporate world.

Back to coach A…he is equally encouraged when he sees the team captain and assistant captain shine through with their own leadership styles. They are natural leaders in the making, and I truly believe they have been inspired by their coach as well.

Not everybody is a great leader. Identifying someone who can inspire and encourage a team is a key component to management excellence. Build strong teams with inspirational leadership, and watch your business grow.

Dogs with Jobs

CharlieI used to work in an office many years ago, where occasionally, a colleague brought a dog to work. This dog was a border collie. Any time more than three people were standing together, he would try to herd us. In nature, this is what his breed was born to do. It was his job.

They say that animals have amazing powers. Dogs have been known to comfort people when under stress. There are assistance dogs that help people with PTSD. Some dogs are trained to detect when their master is minutes away from having a seizure.  Dogs sense when things are not quite that right, and they want to make it right. It is in their nature.

I was talking with an acquaintance recently who was telling me about a golden retriever who would go to the office, and he referred to the retriever as a ‘conflict dog’.

When the tension level would go up in the office, the dog would sense it, and would walk over to the area where the people where talking. He would either sit or lie down near them. The presence of the dog would be almost magical, and the tension would melt away. The working environment improved immensely just because of the presence of the dog.

Some office environments allow dogs at work, and some don’t. But if they do, watch and see if these dogs at work are making a difference.

Cheers to a new year

Well, we are week one into the new year. How are we all doing so far?

Whether you are a resolution maker (or a resolution keeper, for that matter) or not, we can’t escape the idea of a new year being a fresh start. We can’t avoid those ‘New Year, New You’ headlines. Is this the year we break bad habits, and replace them with better habits? Good habits that will improve our health, nurture our relationships, and enhance our career?

I do look at a new year as another chance to evaluate where I am, and what I want to do differently to better myself. We all leave footprints on this earth, and we want to make sure that we matter. What we do ~ matters. How we make other people feel ~ matters. Maybe that is what leaving an impression really means. The footprints are an impression.

Make this year count, and leave an impression.

New Years Day

Quiet time

As I write this blog post, I’m experiencing a shortened work week. I do like these quiet days at the office to blast through the ever growing task list. But, let’s not kid ourselves, it is also a good time to get away from the office and recharge.

Christmas treeIn our recent poll, half of our survey respondents are experiencing a shorter work week this week. 20% reported that their office is closed for the full week, and 30% say that their workplace is only closed on the statutory holidays of December 25th and January 1st.

This time of year is also a time for reflection and relaxation. Taking advantage of this quieter time of year can really have some upsides. Now is the time to concentrate on some unfinished projects, spend some time writing down your goals, or catch up on your business reading.

Whatever your situation, make the most of this quiet time. Make every moment count. Next thing you know, things will get busier, so now is the time to recharge.

Enjoy your week!


Follow your passion?

I’ve always been a big fan of Mike Rowe. He’s a man who appreciates hard work.

Here’s a quick video below with some very simple advice about the concept of following your passion.

“Never follow your passion. Always bring it with you.”

“Find a way to love what you do, and get really really good at it.”

video credit: CNN facebook page