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How to be an Inspirational Leader

Recognize your true strengths, and be that great leader.

A smart company can engage their staff and build a highly functional team by allowing its employees to grow professionally while also encouraging them to focus on using their individual strengths.

Share ideas from all levels of the team, listen openly and learn. You would be surprised where inspiration can come from.


Corporate Leadership Quotes

Do you know what it takes to be an exceptional leader?

Not everybody is a great leader. Identifying someone who can inspire and encourage a team is a key component to management excellence. Build strong teams with inspirational leadership, and watch your business grow.

Gather some leadership tips from the inspirational quotes in the infographic  below.


source:  Culture Digs



Are you a Boss or a Leader?


Great leaders know how to communicate with everyone – average leaders communicate with everyone the same way.  What is your leadership style? What type of team do you want to lead to success?

Leadership is key. When a true leader motivates employees, your team has the opportunity to be inspired to do better, to be better. When teams respect their leader and have a sense of job security, the team will deliver key objectives. True teamwork comes into play, and we work as a team to help our leader’s vision come to life. A leader  sets the tone for an organization and builds a solid team that succeeds together.



Average or Great?

Do you want your business to be average or great?

Of course you strive for your company’s success. You want your business to be great. Your company won’t succeed if it is just average. What happens if you hire average employees? You get average results, an uninspiring culture, and an average company.

Be your best and hire the best.

Hiring great employees will fuel your corporate culture with positive results, and ultimately affect the bottom line. Think about this for your next hire. Invest in the greatest people for your company.


Happy 20th Birthday McNeill Nakamoto!

Today, we celebrate 20 years of doing what we love, and doing what we do best…

It was on a Monday in September 1996 when McNeill Nakamoto Recruitment Group was founded by Sarah McNeill and Cheryl Nakamoto.

“Sarah and I wanted to create a different kind of recruitment company that personalized the recruitment process for both our clients and candidates,” says Cheryl Nakamoto, “and we plan to continue striving to be the most customer focused staffing and recruitment company.”Happy Birthday McNak

Since 1996, McNak has stayed true to its roots; we’re still all about WOW. FUN. PEOPLE. Our core values have not changed since the inception of McNeill Nakamoto, and these are values everyone in our company feels strongly about.

We are committed to creating positive experiences and work to provide the highest standards of professionalism, positive energy, and client focused services. After all these years, McNak still enjoys conjuring up new ways to make our clients and candidates say ‘WOW’.

We show pride and enthusiasm in everything we do, adding innovative and fresh ways of doing our work. We smile and laugh every day, making the McNak experience FUN for clients and candidates.

We work to add significant value to our partners by connecting exceptional PEOPLE with outstanding companies and lasting opportunities that will deeply impact their lives and careers. We truly get to know our clients and candidates, delivering outstanding ‘cultural fit’.

“It is extremely rewarding to see candidates we’ve placed over the past 20 years, enjoying long successful careers” Cheryl reflects, “and we feel very grateful for the continued partnerships we have with so many exceptional companies in Vancouver.”

Thank you to our clients, candidates and our team who have helped to build the McNak brand over the last 20 years. We are excited about the next decade as we continue to believe in the magic of WOW. FUN. PEOPLE.


Trust Builds Great Teams

Originally posted on Practical Practice Management

rowing team

When working with others as a team there has to be an element of immediate trust by the team members for each other in order for the team to function.

Trust is something that develops over time.  It is demonstrated and earned by each team member.  Teams that work hard at building trust reap multiple benefits like:

  • Obtain greater results of reaching goals and solving problems
  • Team members have more influence with one another
  • They have more desire to make their efforts work
  • They develop a strong team bond
  • A more enjoyable workplace environment

When there is a lack of trust between team members the opposite happens and the team as a whole suffers.

The following are some actions that lead to a lack of trust between team members:

  • Not keeping your word
  • Not following instructions
  • Talking about other team members negatively
  • Have a hidden agenda of “self” not “team”
  • Blame others for mistakes made
  • Make excuses for their mistakes
  • Distort what people say
  • Use manipulative tactics

Creating a great team takes time and effort to build by each member of the team.  Taking the time to communicate about what needs to happen and what cannot happen between the team members up front is necessary.

Hard work and effort together to build trust with your team members is a positive experience for everyone.

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The Power of Teamwork

Let these fun animations in the video below demonstrate the power of teamwork.

Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – A Leadership Fable says ‘Not finance. Not strategy. Not Technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.’

Happy Canada Day from McNak!

Happy Canada Day

We love to celebrate triumphs, but we also love to celebrate for no reason in particular. We simply love being together as a team, and enjoy each others company. We celebrate individual achievements, and team accomplishments.

We like to have fun, we like to encourage and support each other. We pitch in when needed. We appreciate everybody’s contribution. This is a healthy corporate culture. This is Team McNak.


Earn Your Leadership Every Day

As a follow up to last week’s post on the similarities between leading sports teams, and leading business teams, here are a few inspirational leadership quotes from athletes and coaches that can apply to the corporate world:

Michael Jordan quote

Don Shula quoteMuhammad Ali quoteMike Kryzewski quoteVince Lombari quote



Earn your leadership quote











What it Takes to Lead a Team

There have been many analogies of coaching sports teams and managing corporate teams. There are so many similarities.

It is so obvious to me as I witness from afar two very different leadership styles of two volunteer ice hockey coaches. #teamwork and #leadership

There are natural leaders who do what they are born to do.  I know a volunteer hockey coach who inspires his team of 13 and 14 year old boys and girls. He makes the early morning practices fun and engaging and encouraging. Throughout the season, the players have loved being together as a team, and being inspired by their coach. They play not only for themselves, but they play for their team. They are not necessarily playing for their coach, but they know that he will be proud when they perform as a team and play well, even if there is a loss. They gave it their all.

Now, this particular team shares practice ice with another team, and it is sad to see that their volunteer coach has a completely different leadership style. He doesn’t inspire. He doesn’t lead. Case in point, this past weekend, Coach A had 16 players show up to practice, a full roster. Coach B had 6 players show up. Talk about lack of engagement.  I know that this is recreational hockey, and these are volunteer coaches, so I can’t get too uptight about it. I just really feel bad for the kids on team B. They have not been given a chance to be inspired by someone who has a love of the game, a respect for their responsibility as a volunteer coach, and a love for what they do. You wonder if some of these kids end up quitting hockey. You wonder if they will be good team players one day in the corporate world.

Back to coach A…he is equally encouraged when he sees the team captain and assistant captain shine through with their own leadership styles. They are natural leaders in the making, and I truly believe they have been inspired by their coach as well.

Not everybody is a great leader. Identifying someone who can inspire and encourage a team is a key component to management excellence. Build strong teams with inspirational leadership, and watch your business grow.