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New Beginnings

The leaves are turning colour, there’s a slight chill in the air, and the rain has started…all reminding us that fall has arrived and school is starting.  Although some of us are finished with school, fall indicates a new start and a kind of new beginning, even though the calendar year is not yet complete.


For us McNakers, we start to think about the upcoming year by planning our corporate philanthropy initiatives along with other strategic objectives. Next year, we plan to hold our annual charity event called GrapeJuice, in support of Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland, whose mandate is to help young girls through their mentorship program. We are also working to plan another Career Launcher session to help job-seeking aged ‘little sisters’ prepare for the start of their own financial stability.  This initiative, which we have hosted in past years, has a goal to help young girls launch their career foundation.

All too often, young people are unsure of where to start when preparing for their first job. We try to help guide the development of a well-prepared resume; a resume that chronologically lists some recent work experience and other skills they have acquired over the years. If there is not a lot of work experience, then we suggest listing their volunteer work or extra-curricular activities, as it can be just as important for future employers to review. Skills gained while volunteering or studying are applicable to list on a resume – skills such as meeting deadlines (completing homework on time) as well as being organized and detail-oriented. Some students struggle as to what to put on their resume to make it long enough, but a 1 or 2-page resume is more than adequate for future employers at this level.

The interview is also critical as an excited student only has a few minutes to make that positive first impression. We try to pass along tips to be prepared for a first interview. We recommend reviewing what the company and position require, preparing appropriate examples of experience, arriving early and dressing appropriately, answering the questions succinctly, making eye-contact and showing enthusiasm, and following up with a thank you. These suggestions may seem like common sense, however, for a young person who hasn’t interviewed before, this is completely new territory and requires preparation.


Keeping Momentum

With summer behind us, and while that time was totally enjoyable, I can honestly say that I love Fall. To me Fall is about planning (perhaps the highly intensive juggle of school schedules ignites this!). I also like to use Fall for imagining, dreaming and looking to the future.

With the team back in full strength it is easy to bring our momentum back into its optimal groove to capitalize on the inspirations Fall brings us. Done correctly company meetings and recognition programs can do a lot for team spirit and engagement. The trick is knowing what components make up the right recipe for each team.

One of my favourite ways to keep momentum is through spontaneous meetings. Some of our best breakthroughs have come from them. The free form nature of these catch ups can weigh strongly in favour of keeping momentum ticking along and the wheel turning. As everyone knows, people tend to spark off of each other. And most of the time innovation emerges from groups. The art of spontaneity can co-exist quite nicely with structured meetings as the ‘x’ factor found in spontaneity breaks the doldrums of routine.

I can already hear the wheels in motion! Gotta run! Momentum calls!

~ Sarah McNeill

photo credit: stefanweihs