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Where are your favourite places to look for job opportunities? Pick your top two.

We’ve listed a few and we’d love to hear more specifics, so please feel free to comment on this post.  For example, are Craigslist, LinkedIn and Indeed the places you frequent for job opportunities?

7 Smart Habits of Successful Job Seekers

Navigating your career in today’s complex job market can be very complex. This infographic below from LinkedIn provides simple tips you can get started on today.


Job Searching? Watch your Social Media Manners.


infographic source: Jobvite

How is your networking game?

In the old days, one would go to a networking event, exchange business cards, and put the business cards in their Rolodex. (some of you will have to Google that) The business landscape has changed a lot since then. It is a much more fast paced environment.

Today the common practice is to gather business cards and almost immediately connect online. Connections made off line continue online. And if you’re a really good connector, continue offline again.

We’re curious to know how quick you are to react when it comes to building your network.

Where are the best job opportunities found?

We’ve listed a few and we’d love to hear more specifics, so please feel free to comment on this post.  For example, are Craigslist, LinkedIn and Indeed the places you frequent for job opportunities?

Top McNak blog posts of 2014

Happy new year 2015 written with Sparkling figures


Reflecting back on the past year, here is a quick snapshot of our three most read blog articles for 2014:


For your HR toolbox…8 Behavioural Questions You’re Not Asking

A solid perspective from one of our top recruiters, Alana Savage on…Your resume vs. Your LinkedIn Profile

Results (and some photos) from our annual wine auction…GrapeJuice Raises $87,000 for Big Sisters… we’re looking forward to the March 5th, 2015 event!

We’d like take this opportunity to thank you all for taking the time to read, comment and share our articles on the McNak blog.  Happy New Year!


Why a Recruiter is Part Artist, Part Scientist

modern recruiterTo view a larger size, click on the image.


LinkedIn’s recent infographic on the ‘Modern Recruiter’  inspired me as it resonates deeply with the daily tasks associated with our line of work. Our job as recruiters is not simply black and white or left-brained or right-brained; there is a delicate balance of both which makes the job truly one-of-a-kind, exciting and challenging. This image is powerful as so much of what we do is both artistic and scientific – let me tell you why…


Is an art…

This is the fun part as the task of problem solving is just beginning. This is where we really get introduced to our client, their team and their needs and then start the search of finding the perfect person for that particular job and work environment. When the stars align, the match can be made quickly, other times it takes many interviews and trials and errors before being able to make that first introduction. But when it’s right, you sure can feel it!


For me, marketing and branding have always come naturally. The preparation that goes into a presentation is fun and rewarding yet it can also be stressful at times, as you want to hit the nail on the head. However, at the end of the day, being able to paint a clear picture in somebody’s mind, whether it be regarding a job or talking about somebody’s skill set, is a skill that mustn’t be overlooked as an essential top strength and an integral part of the role.


Being a successful salesperson takes more than just great communication skills; it requires outstanding listening skills. If you don’t have outstanding listening skills, you are going to miss what the client is (and sometimes isn’t) saying about what this job is. You are also going to miss what your candidate is telling you that they really want. You’re going to end up trying to push a square box into a round hole, which will leave you frustrated and unsuccessful. Being a great salesperson who listens allows you to share all of the reasons why someone truly is a great fit for not only the role, but the company as well. A lot of people are good at talking; few are great at listening.

The Science…

 The science behind this job is something that happens so naturally and frequently that I suppose I didn’t really think about it until now. But yes, being able to interpret data, research positions you’ve never even heard of before (in some cases) and then finding out all of the nitty-gritty details about the kind of person it takes to really excel in that role, is all part of the day-to-day. Technology has changed so many different industries and the way they do business, ours is no different. We have many avenues that we use to reach out and connect with our networks, yet there is an abundance of information out there, so the challenge lies in standing out from the crowd and ensuring your message is heard.

For someone who loves interacting with people, acting as a confidant and consultant all while learning new things on a daily basis, this job is a dream come true. When you’ve helped someone find the perfect job in the ideal work environment, there really is no better feeling knowing you’ve impacted someone’s life for the better.

image source: LinkedIn

7 Smart Habits of Successful Job Seekers

Is job seeking on LinkedIn working for you?  Are you utilizing it in a smart and effective way? In this infographic from LinkedIn, learn how recently employed job seekers used the professional social network to its full potential.




Your resume vs. Your LinkedIn Profile

iStock_000021621315LargeJobseekers often ask if a resume is still really necessary when we have a tool like LinkedIn at our fingertips.

Resumes are definitely not dead – with a few industry exceptions, you can’t get a job without one.  Saying this, the resume is not what gets someone hired anymore. Who you know, or get to know is very important, and your resume allows you to go through the formal HR process which is most often still required.

As for the immediate future of resumes, I think we’ll see some creative changes to the resume, streamlining the content so it is quicker to learn about someone’s professional background. I think the three page resume has already gone out but maybe the two page will follow and be replaced by some format that showcases your real personality rather than some cliche “interests” at the bottom. Video resumes are gaining attention, Q+A’s online, as well as assignments before a first interview. All of these processes are tools used to get to know the person and their abilities.

Looking long term, the future of resumes would probably depend on where technology goes. I could see resumes being changed by new format options, and perhaps being replaced altogether.

LinkedIn absolutely compliments a resume but I think if it was going to replace it, then it would be happening right now, and it doesn’t for most HR processes. You can really make an impact with LinkedIn – maintaining a professional and up to date profile is absolutely necessary.  But to really use LinkedIn to your advantage – create content so you set yourself apart from your peers and are viewed as a specialist in your field. You can use LinkedIn to connect with companies/people of interest to get that job interview, then to research hiring managers and team members before meeting them in person.

Consider both resumes and LinkedIn as essential career tools. Consider LinkedIn as your living resume.

Conan O’Brien wants to conquer LinkedIn

Conan O’Brien figures that he has conquered the typical social media sites where celebrities can be followed and liked by their fans on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ . He has millions of people following him on these sites. But now the late night talk show host has set a goal of ‘conquering’ LinkedIn, and becoming a top influencer.

“I don’t know what LinkedIn is” – Conan O’Brien

Last week I put out a connection request to Conan and within a day or two, we’re now a 1st connection on LinkedIn. Try it out. Heck, if anything, it can help extend your network.

Check out Conan’s LinkedIn profile. It is all kinds of awesome.

Here he is talking about his dreams of becoming a LinkedIn “influencer” in this amusing video: