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Rise and Shine!

“So sit up, put your feet on the floor, and don’t look back because we’ve got work to do.”

Find your Greatness.

– Nike

The Myth of Work-life Balance

Work to live. Live to work. We’ve heard that before.

Nigel Marsh is the author of “Fat, Forty and Fired” and “Overworked and Underlaid.” In this TED Talk video, Nigel has an interesting approach to the concept of work-life balance, and really gets down to the core of what is really important.

One Week Job

What do you want to be when you grow up?

We’ve all been asked this question. And we don’t always have an answer. There are so many different vocations out there. People always say, ‘follow your passion’, ‘do what you love’ etc. I have a childhood friend who announced when he was 12 years old that when he grew up, he wanted to sell Mercedez Benz cars.  His entire adult life, he has been a Mercedez salesman, and he loves it. He’s the only person I know who knew what he wanted to be when he grew up at such a young age, pursued it, and continues to love it.

Vancouverite Sean Aiken set out to do something different. He decided to try out 52 jobs, one week at a time. An inspiring documentary are the results of Sean’s One Week Job project.

This Saturday, January 15th the ‘One Week Job’ Vancouver premiere will be at Pacific Cinémathèque. Buy advance tickets here.

~ Jessica Rozitis

Always a McNaker

A lot of people ask me how I got into recruitment. Is it something I had always wanted to do? Is that what I did before I joined McNak? Will I always be an agency recruiter?

The truth of the matter is that I fell into recruiting – and was wooed by everything that was (and continues to be) McNak. When I first came in to meet with McNak, I was on the hunt for a job…at that stage, a temporary job was top of mind. When the interviewer asked me what sort of work environment I was looking for, I glanced around the funky Yaletown office and answered, “Somewhere like here.” The next question was: “Have you ever thought about being a recruiter?” And the rest, as they say, is history.

I’ve been with McNak through one office move, two database conversions, three job titles, four anniversaries, countless successful job placements, and hundreds of interviews with candidates from every background imaginable. The learning opportunities have been immense, and McNak’s unique corporate culture has both nurtured my professional growth while allowing me the autonomy to develop my own style as a recruiter.

But all good things must (really, is it a requirement?) come to an end. What McNak has also given me is a true sense of where I want to go in my career. It was not my original goal, but I have recognized that my future lies in the broader realm of Human Resources. I now have an opportunity to take that to the next level with an in-house HR Generalist and Recruiter role. And I would never have gotten to this place if not for the winning team at McNak.

My thanks go out to Cheryl and Sarah, of course, but also to the amazing team of McNakers, both former and current. And although I’m moving on, you know that in spirit I will always be a McNaker! (I don’t know, Sarah – should I get the tattoo?)

~ Bradley Cuzen

How I harnessed the wind

William Kamkwamba: How I harnessed the wind

Sources of inspiration can manifest in so many ways. Because inspiration is such a deeply personal thing and is unique to every individual one never knows where it may be found next. This short TED talk is just so. We have all endured so much this past year with the economic roller coaster and never ending turns and bumps in the road. To find such a simple message is exactly what we are looking for. Nothing manufactured about it. Its a reminder to us all that we don’t have to find inspiration in things that are perfect. In fact, the more raw in format the better to consume.  When you hear William Kamkwamba speak and his universal message of the power to persevere, it will warm your heart.  William says “Trust yourself and believe whatever happens, don’t give up”.  Thank you William. You were just what we needed.

At the end of his TED talk, the audience applauds, and you can see William start to quietly clap his hands with them.  Perhaps you will too.

~ Jessica Rozitis

Meaningful Work – What makes them stay

At McNak we spend our time doing more listening than talking it seems. In our listening we hear common themes about why people stay in their jobs and what leads them to make a change. And it’s really not about the money.

Malcolm Gladwell’s book OUTLIERS The Story of Success got us thinking about why people really do what they do and the decisions they make in their careers.  Gladwell’s book has so many great discussion points about culture and success. One very memorable topic discussed was the concept of meaningful work and how it is a constant theme for successful people in terms of business and their careers.

Malcolm’s key points:

There is a clear relationship between work and reward. If the roadmap is clear and individuals can play upon their strengths to participate in the success of the business, there is a strong correlation to meaningful work. It’s the glue.

The degree of complexity of the work. People like to take on new challenges. Sometimes it’s simply a reinterpretation of what they are already doing. This usually leads to higher productivity.

Level of autonomy: this is very much a Gen Y hot spot but we think it applies to most people we work with.

The stick it out factor: if someone has all these elements in their work then they tend to be able to endure adversity and stay on their course to achieve their goals.

Every person has different reasons for working. The reasons for working are as individual as the person. But, we all work because we obtain something that we need from work. The something we obtain from work impacts our morale and motivation and the quality of our lives.
~ Sarah McNeill