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Where are your favourite places to look for job opportunities? Pick your top two.

We’ve listed a few and we’d love to hear more specifics, so please feel free to comment on this post.  For example, are Craigslist, LinkedIn and Indeed the places you frequent for job opportunities?

Things To Do On A Slow Day At Work

Do you sometimes find yourself with nothing to do at work? Summer is here, and depending on your industry, things can slow down at the office. Here are some tips on how you can use that quiet time at the office more effectively:

video by: Forbes

How to Work a Room

Check out this video below from Forbes on some fantastic networking tips such as maintaining eye contact and showing your listening skills, plus other ideas on how to get the most out of networking in new situations.


Administrative Professionals Day

A lot of people have the perception that Administrative Professionals Day  was  created by Hallmark to sell cards. Not true.

IAAP is the organization that first created “Secretaries’ Day”, which is now renamed to “Administrative Professionals Day”. It is a day when bosses and businesses are encouraged to honour the work that their administrative staff perform all year long.

The Vancouver chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) is proud to present “Administrative Professionals Day 2011”. This year’s theme is “Celebrate all office professionals”. The chapter invites you and your colleagues to join us at our annual morning event on Wednesday, April 27th in downtown Vancouver. Enjoy our hot breakfast buffet and keynote speaker, Krista Green, who will present “Maximizing Your Effectiveness in Business and in Life”.

Click here to download the event PDF with event details and registration info.

This guest post was written by Sigrid Otto. Sigrid serves on the event committee of the Vancouver chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

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May we introduce you? Finding work that creates bliss.

Finding your dream job- here at McNak we are often asked: how do you do it? We believe it starts with your unique vision. From our experience of examining thousands of jobs a year, we know there is a career that plays to your individual strengths. A place where colleagues truly appreciate your concepts and contributions. You just have to find it. It is not a ‘job’ where you fill your time from 9 to 5, but an environment that stimulates you to innovate and create.

The most critical step in acquiring your dream job is networking. Cast a wide net by speaking to former colleagues and acquaintances. Specifically, gather a list of two to five companies you’d like to work for. Articulate your interest in these businesses – what makes these firms compelling for you? By being specific, you give your audience a clear idea of your skills and the culture you’d like to work in. You’d be amazed at the results – when people understand your motivations, they are in an excellent position to introduce you to the right people.  You’ve drawn them a clear picture of who you’d like to meet. Securing an introduction to the right person is far more likely, and it can make the difference between loving your career …or not.

Of course if you’ve worked with McNak in the past, you know that we enjoy introducing like-minded people so much we’ve chosen it as a career! We have always been passionate about introducing you to your perfect match.

~ Julie Steele

photo credit: D Sharon Pruitt