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GrapeJuice Raises $100,000 for Big Sisters

We are excited to announce that this year’s GrapeJuice event at Aston Martin Vancouver & Bentley Vancouver raised $100,000 for Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland. These funds will help Big Sisters BCLM make and support 50 new mentoring matches this year.

GrapeJuice is a wine tasting & wine auction fundraising event which was created in 2007 by McNeill Nakamoto Recruitment Group and MLA Canada. Since then, GrapeJuice has raised over $700,00 in support of Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland’s mentoring programs.

A big thank you to all of our generous GrapeJuice sponsors , donors, guests and volunteers!


photo by: Vikaash Prasad

To view more photos of the event, click here.

Is Corporate Philanthropy part of your Culture?

Corporate philanthropy has always been a big part of McNeill Nakamoto’s culture. Tonight we are hosting the 6th annual GrapeJuice wine auction & tasting benefiting Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland. Big Sisters is our main philanthropic focus, but we continue to support our community as a whole in many different ways.

Many years ago, when we were a young company, we became one of the original participants of the Social Purchasing Portal (SPP). The SPP provides an on-line environment for business-to-business procurement transactions to leverage community economic development activity. This group of businesses, through their procurement policies and buying from the list of SPP suppliers, put social corporate responsibility into practice and create a social value for the community.

When we make decisions about suppliers McNak uses, we look to see if there are other members in the portal. One such member is Mills Basics. They are our office supplier of choice, and this video illustrates the great reasons why. On top of their corporate social responsibility, Mills Basics provides excellent customer service, and as their customer, we certainly appreciate it.

Corporate Giving

Does your company’s philanthropic efforts complement your corporate culture?

Without our attachment to community and, in particular, offering brighter futures for young people, we would be missing such a key piece of our corporate soul. Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland is McNeill Nakamoto’s primary philanthropy and active focus.

“We wanted to help young girls make good choices and give them a chance to succeed” ~ Sarah McNeill

The December 2012 issue of BCBusiness magazine interviews McNeill Nakamoto co-founder Sarah McNeill, on the subject of corporate philanthropy.

Together with our employees, McNeill Nakamoto is committed to ensuring that the legacy we create is not just for ourselves but for the improvement of our community and the world around us.

Volunteering 101

volunteerMany people think of volunteering as ‘the thing you just do’ when you are passionate about something. And while this is true, volunteering can unlock some incredible opportunities for your career.

Participating in a local community endeavour not only helps your resume by showing your commitment to and support for an organization above and beyond paid employment, but can actually expand your business network. Sharing a common philanthropy or not-for-profit initiative is a great conversation starter. Most volunteering does not require that you have a specific degree or work experience. With such a variety of potential new people in your network, your horizons in the job search arena can quickly expand. People are also more willing and readily able to support people who are passionate about the same cause.

Volunteering and your brand: As you become more and more ‘fluent’ in the organization(s) you support, your knowledge and involvement add to your personal brand. The more well known you become, the more you will find yourself with a greater network to draw upon. People will start asking for you.

Community building is an excellent initiative that should not just be left up to the individual. Corporations are also deeply responsible for the success of our community. McNeill Nakamoto has been very actively involved with Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland for over five years. We believe that without commitment to community, our success as a company is meaningless.  McNeill Nakamoto Recruitment Group was created over twelve years ago, and our focus is the same as when we began – to make a difference.  And what a tremendous surprise it was to be commended with the Big Sisters Big Heart award! This award is given annually to the company that has made the most significant difference to the Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland. We are so very proud.

Everyone can make a difference. Every hour spent thinking about, and then actually participating in, something you believe needs your support, is time well spent. Think of it as a long-term investment in yourself and in others – every hour donated adds value to your career bank. It’s not always about the money.

~ Sarah McNeill

photo credit:  timparkinson

Got Heart?

Yesterday McNeill Nakamoto Recruitment Group had the great honour of receiving the Big Heart Award from Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland at the Big Sisters Spring Lunch.  We truly believe that mentorship for young women strengthens our community.   Sarah McNeill comments, ‘Every young girl deserves to be inspired to their own future greatness. Big Sisters truly offers this opportunity to these young girls.  As both mothers and business owners, Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland is the most natural choice for our company’.

McNeill Nakamoto is proud of its involvement with Big Sisters and thrilled to have raised over $50,000 for Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland.  We find ways to involve our staff, our clients, the community and especially the Little Sisters themselves.   We do this by raising funds and awareness:

  • through  silver  sponsorship of the Big Sisters Divas Gala
  • ‘McNak Jeans for Big Sisters’ – individual donations by McNeill Nakamoto staff members in exchange for wearing jeans to work
  • Grape Juice, the fun and very successful Wine Auction created and  hosted by Team McNak
  • ‘McNak Career Launcher’ for Little Sisters – a workshop on assisting teenage ‘Littles’ with resume and interview tips
  • Sarah McNeill chairs the Big Sisters Gala, and with her influence and network has created a broad awareness in the community, as well as broken fund raising records for this annual event.

The Big Sisters Big Heart Award is given annually to a business for outstanding support of Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland.

~ Jessica Rozitis

Cheryl Nakamoto and Sarah McNeill receiving Big Heart Award

Cheryl Nakamoto and Sarah McNeill receiving Big Heart Award