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20 Tips for a Positive New Year

You’re probably going to want to bookmark this one.

This thought provoking list comes from author and speaker, Jon Gordon. To view a larger image, you can download the printable PDF here.




Engaged employees = stellar customer service

While on vacation with my family recently, we visited a couple of theme parks in California. Let me start off by saying, that on so many levels, you can’t compare the two.  What struck me the most, however, was the employees that worked at these two different parks.

In Theme Park A, the employees were genuinely happy to be there and their positivity was infectious. They were friendly, efficient, and overall enhanced the experience for us as visitors. They’re doing it right.

At Theme Park B, the employees were operating in slow motion, barely cracked a smile, and were practically looking at the clock, waiting for their shift to end. I even overheard one of the employees telling a customer, “We aren’t Theme Park A” I was shocked that he would speak in this tone, and to a customer.

I have had several friends ask me if it is worth it to go to Theme Park B. I’ve suggested that they not bother.  This brand has now lost potential customers based on my experience as a customer. And it’s not just me. The other three parents I was with where shaking their heads too. We were just so frustrated that this particular theme park had lost out on a great opportunity to allow their brand to shine.

Your employees represent your brand.  Brand is another word for user-experience. Create a culture where your employees can represent your brand in the best light. Engage your employees. Keep them happy. Train them. Re-train them.  You will keep customers, and win new ones.

It doesn’t matter what product you sell, what service you provide – as long as you have the right people representing your business, have engaged employees, things will fall into place, and your customers will be there.  Customer service is always key to any business. After all, if you don’t have a customer, you don’t have a business.

At the end of the day regardless of what business we are in, was the experience with our clients engaging and positive?  These experiences lead us to go back time and time again or at the very least rave to others about it. We are in an experience economy so best experience wins!

photo credit: _FuRFuR_

Yes To – Positivity

I had the pleasure of meeting Lance Kalish, one of the co-Founders of Yes To,  while on Spring Break in Kona, Hawaii earlier this year.  It was most enjoyable to hear his story of how he and other co-Founder Ido Leffler, took a fledgling natural health brand from Israel and gave it roots to become an international brand and success story.

One of the things that stood out for me was Lance’s genuine positivity and outlook on business and life. While running a new company has taken countless hours, what resonated was their company’s raw energy found in the power of the word YES. This video below clearly demonstrates how a strong brand and message has positively impacted their team. Their energy is contagious!

By the numerous team photos found on their web site, they literally ‘wear’ their brand! Well done YES To!

~ Sarah McNeill

The sun can shine everywhere anytime.

Yes Mr. Rogers you were correct when you said “it’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood” on your TV show back in the 70’s. This show impacted my life and so many others. I think this show is a positive memory point I’ve carried with me all my life. When I stop to think about the effect one’s attitude has on others it can  really be a deal breaker in many situations. Leaving Hawaii the other week I looked out the window to see  12 airport staff all standing in a line waving at our plane  and with a smile on my face I thought what a wonderful thing to remember when leaving that beautiful place. The lovely smile and welcome I always get from my barista anytime I go to her coffee shop makes my day and makes me want to return. The way we carry our emotions can greatly affect our relationships with our ‘neighbours’, in the office and anywhere else we go.

When’s the last time you thought about the way you approach your morning and end your day with your team mates and loved ones. How about any given moment in the day? Does the sun shine around you?

This video warms my soul. Have a great day!

~ Sarah McNeill

McNak Challenge 101: Positivity + Gratitude = Productivity

A few weeks back I was having an early morning coffee with a good friend. We were sitting outside enjoying another one of Vancouver’s amazingly warm, sunny days. Our conversation was light, fun and covered the familiar topics – family, home, health and work. Then I started to hear her tone change – the conversation becoming more negative. Pretty soon I found myself looking at things through that “half empty cup”, as well. When we were done, we wished each other a “good day” and off we both went. As I headed to work I felt drained; defeated before my day had even begun! Where was my enthusiasm? That excitement to be embarking on another rewarding, productive day?

Throughout that day and the next couple, I could not switch to the “half full” side of the cup. How could someone else’s comments have such a profound effect on me and my outlook? What was worse is that I started to notice how my ‘disposition’ started to affect those around me. We have all heard the adage “Positive thoughts and energy brings positive results” (or a variation of it) but I had never seen it challenged. Have you ever stopped to think about your own positive outlook and what your productivity looks like when it is not there? How the impact of those negative comments and thoughts not only affect your positivity but the productivity of those around you?

About a week later I found myself having coffee with another good friend however; this time we were in full Vancouver Fall weather – which just happened to match my new found dreary disposition. Once again our conversation covered the familiar topics – family, home, health and work. But I started to notice something very different – our conversation which started off light and fun remained that way. With each topic we discussed finished on a positive. She shared a gratitude for things that most would question why. I didn’t want our coffee date to end!! When it did, we wished each other a ‘good day’ but this time I knew it would be just that! Arriving at my office I couldn’t wait to take on the challenges of the day – there was nothing I felt I couldn’t conquer. And I did! I had the most amazing, productive day.

That night, lying in bed, I started to do something I’ve never done before – I started to list in my mind what I should be grateful for – what I needed to say “Thank You”  for. I have shown gratitude and thanks for many things over the years, but to do it each day. WOW. I started to see that “half full cup” attitude quickly reappear.

Does Positivity + Gratitude = Productivity? ABSOLUTELY.

So I challenge you. Each night before you go to sleep make a mental list of just 3 things in your day you are grateful for. I am confident you too will be positively inspired – and think of the effects of those around you. The other night my list looked like this:

1.  Thank You! Today I had the opportunity to work with a group of colleagues that support and encourage each other in every way.

2.  Thank You! Although wet and cold I had the pleasure of walking my dog through one of the prettiest parks – the Endownment Lands

3.  Thank You! Faced with a challenging issue today I faced it with confidence that brought about a win-win resolve.

I can’t wait to see what I will be grateful for tomorrow night!

Thank You