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Job Searching in December?

You’ve been thinking about making a change. You’re thinking about looking for a new job. “Oh, I’ll wait until the new year, then I’ll start looking”. This is what runs through most people’s minds. New year, new you and all that. But, why wait until the new year? December is a great time to get a head start venturing into your job search. Get your resume updated. Fine tune your LinkedIn profile. Audit your social media presence, and make sure you are presented in a professional manner. You want to make sure that you are ready for that fresh start. Get these tasks completed now, so that a new start is possible in the new year.

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Get ready to apply for jobs in December.  Don’t wait until January to start your job search. December can be a quiet time for a lot of corporations. This could be a perfect opportunity to get seen by that recruiter or HR Manager. Not everybody takes 2 weeks off during the winter holidays. Some decisions makers might take a day or two off here or there. It can be a slow time of year for their customers, which means they could have more time to review that stack of resumes on their desk. There is also a real possibility of going to job interviews during this slow business time of year.

Make 2018 a year that you start off right. Be prepared before the new year begins.

Job searching in December? Go for it!


6 Career Tips When Approaching the Job Market


Your first impression and your strategy in your approach to your job search or employment outlook will make all the difference. If you are currently unemployed, and looking for a job:

  1. The most successful job seekers will be the ones who can take the key skills they have and translate them into assets for others. Consider your volunteer work and school co-op as areas to draw upon.
  2. Look to temporary staffing as the broadest reach of the general market place. Opportunities may not be as obvious as they have been before. Contract employment might lead to permanent work.
  3. Be flexible and open minded. You may need to revise your ‘wish list’ and be totally prepared to work hours and in areas out of your ‘ideal’. Remember that the skills learned at these new places of employment can set the pace for fantastic future opportunities in the future that are more perfect for you.
  4. Share your search. Make sure that you leave no stone unturned. Tell your friends, teachers and references. Let it be known on your LinkedIn profile that you are looking for new opportunities.
  5. Take a close look at your resume. Make sure that you have a clear focus and highlight your strengths. Companies are looking for value and results. Be specific whenever you can. Make sure you get someone else that you can trust to proofread your resume.
  6. If you are targeting a specific job then make sure that you take the time to change the summary statement of your resume each time you submit a resume. It is best to mention the job opportunity when you are applying to a specific job. Nothing drops you down the ranks faster than when you hand in a resume with the wrong information on it.

5 Steps to Hiring a Superstar

Anyone can find and hire a superstar. A superstar is a top producer, someone you would re-hire without a second thought if you had to start your company all over again. Here are 5 steps that can help you attract and identify superstars for your company.

  1. Be the best.  You don’t want to hire people who will settle for working just anywhere. You want to hire people whose standards are high and who only want to work for the best. Promote the benefits and reputation of your company to attract those individuals who are waiting for the opportunity to come work for you.
  2. Create better jobs.  The best people are looking for jobs that challenge and stimulate them. The best will leverage competencies, behaviours, energy and skill in the right proportion.
  3. Write compelling job descriptions. Job descriptions should be more than a grocery list of required skills, they should sell your vision; they should be exciting and speak to your corporate culture, and should compel ideal candidates to apply. A good ad ties in performance objectives and corporate values as well as interesting job perks.
  4. Demonstrate job potential.  Good candidates want positions that offer growth opportunities along with challenges. Workers need to feel they have a future with the company. If their purpose is to grow with the company, and you don’t give them the opportunity, they will move on, even if they are treated well.
  5. Recruit well. Recruiting is an entire process, not just the double whammy of ‘find’ and ‘hire’.  Hire for potential then train for skill. Know what you need, and trust what feels right.
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