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Summer Productivity

During these glorious warm summer months, and long days of light, it is a pleasure to take time away from the office and unwind. But for most of us, we can’t take the whole summer off. There are only so many vacation days.

When things are quiet in the business world, summer can be a good time of year for catching up on unfinished projects but it can also be a tricky time for getting things done. With many people away on holiday, trying to schedule meetings is like herding cats. Productivity in the office can really slow down. Check out this infographic from Grasshopper for more insights.




Stay productive. Recharge.

bocce instagram efaranoHave you noticed it being a little quiet in the office lately? For so many industries, it can get quiet as we’re well into summer. It’s the time of the year when a lot of people take the opportunity of the nice summer weather and get away.

This is a perfect time to recharge your batteries, and a time for reflection and relaxation. Get out in the fresh air, enjoy some recreation, read a few books, BBQ with some friends, and just relax in general. And if you’re in the office this week, this is also a great time to recharge your batteries in the office setting, maybe even take a business associate out for a patio lunch to reacquaint yourselves now that a free moment has presented itself.

In some ways this time of year is similar to the winter holidays when business can slow down at the office.   Taking advantage of these quieter times of year can really have some upsides. Now is the time to concentrate on some unfinished projects, spend some time writing down your goals, or catch up on your business reading.

Whatever your situation, make the most of this quiet time. Make every moment count. Next thing you know, things will get busier, so now is the time to recharge.

Back to School

Those 3 dreaded words. Do they still give you the shivers? As children, we never wanted summer to end.  As a parent, I am now observing how my children feel about going back to school this week.  All is good. They had a fantastic summer, and they are looking forward to seeing their friends again,  getting back into a regular routine, and starting a new year.

I like the freedom that summer brings, but I also like the regular routine that the new school year brings back. I look at the Fall as being the start of a new year. I am ready to take on some new projects at work, and that excites me. It feels after some time of rest during the summer that I can now focus my energy and give these projects my full attention.

We took a poll last year, on what September means to you, and 65% felt that September is like the start of a new year. To me, September will always feel like a new start. What does this time of year mean to you?

~ Jessica Rozitis