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Seeking Perfection

Here’s a thought provoking TED Talk about valuing perfection.

Jon Bowers of UPS tells us that “Trying our best is not good enough” and “we seek perfection and settle for nothing less”. But what if we think of perfection in a different way?

Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume

At a quick glance at a resume, hiring managers can easily be too quick to judge to determine if the candidate deserves an interview.

In this TED Talk video below, HR Manager Regina Hartley shares with us why highly motivated ‘scrappers’ are the kind of candidates hiring managers should be looking out for. Scrappers have experienced hardships and overcome adversity which has shaped them to be highly motivated, productive and successful.

Igniting Creativity to Transform Corporate Culture

“Creativity has the power for invention and ultimate success”

Enjoy this TED Talk below from Creativity & Design Leader Catherine Courage. She shares three strategies to bring creativity to the workplace: Environments, Experiments and Storytelling.

Timing is Everything

When dissecting what makes a company successful, Bill Gross, founder of Idealab discovered what factors accounted for success and failures of many startup companies.

Factoring in a company’s business model, funding, timing, team/execution, and idea, Bill states in this TED Talk video below that “execution matters a lot, but timing might matter even more.”

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Does it have to be just one thing? Can we give ourselves permission to change career paths multiple times? Sit back and enjoy this TED Talk by career coach Emilie Wapnick, who, herself has tried multiple careers.

It is rarely a waste of time to pursue something you’re drawn to, even if you end up quitting. You might apply that knowledge in a different field entirely, in a way that you couldn’t have anticipated.” ~ Emilie Wapnick

Bad meetings. How to Avoid them.

No matter how much we want to avoid them, meetings are inescapable and a crucial part of any business’ success. Meetings are necessary from time to time to share information, develop ideas, determining team goals etc.
But do we really need to attend every meeting that a colleague invites us to? Determine which ones are worth your time. Learn how from this amusing TED Talk from David Grady.

Are you human?

I stumbled across this amusing TED Talk by Ze Frank earlier today.

It is under 5 minutes, and guaranteed to make you smile and nod in agreement several times. Trust me, you will want to watch it.

Enjoy. 😄



How to Find Work You Love

In this TED Talk below, the late Scott Dinsmore, founder of Live Your Legend  shares the points about our own lives that we have complete control over to find our true path. We all have unique strengths, values, experiences. It is up to us to find the definition of success and what it means to us. Scott encourages us to surround ourselves with people that inspire us. We hope you find the video below inspirational.


How To Make Hard Choices

We make so many decisions in life, and some of those hard choices can be a real stumbling block. There can sometimes be self doubt, second guessing and regret. Choosing one job over another can take your life on a totally different path. It is the unknown that scares us.

Check out this TED Talk by philosopher Ruth Chang on hard choices, and see where it takes you.

Running a company with no rules

Why stay at the office and work when you could go to watch a movie in a theatre on a Monday afternoon?

This is a refreshing TED Talk from Ricardo Semler about the radical ideas he has championed for decades with several of his companies, bringing amazing results. He also used the same concepts to challenge the education system in Brazil.

This video below may intrigue you. Enjoy.