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Where are your favourite places to look for job opportunities? Pick your top two.

We’ve listed a few and we’d love to hear more specifics, so please feel free to comment on this post.  For example, are Craigslist, LinkedIn and Indeed the places you frequent for job opportunities?

Job Searching? Watch your Social Media Manners.


infographic source: Jobvite

Where are the best job opportunities found?

We’ve listed a few and we’d love to hear more specifics, so please feel free to comment on this post.  For example, are Craigslist, LinkedIn and Indeed the places you frequent for job opportunities?

A Digital Cleanse

I’m taking a little bit of time off this summer to spend time with our family and extended family.  We want to spend quality time together and limit the amount of time we spend with our digital devices.  We’ve set some rules in place for  adults and children for a 2 week time period:

No – Facebook, texting, email, movies, video games
Yes – landline phone, radio, reading lights, ‘IRL’, flashlight tag, Monopoly

I posted the challenge and rules on Facebook prior to the cleanse. Lots of comments followed. One friend wrote: “Such a great idea. Wish we could join you! We need a break from the insanity.” Another said, “A bold move. Enjoy!”

You may want to give it a try, if only for a day or two. If nothing else, consider just how attached you’ve become to these online services and ‘screen time’. A few summers ago I took a week-long vacation on a sailboat. We were far from any cell service and internet connection. It was exhilarating.

So, my question to you is, would you like to take a break from the insanity? Could you make the bold move and take a digital cleanse?

photo: GSAndré

Job Hunting Using Social Media

Ask anybody how they got their last job, and the typical answer would be  networking. That definition can be blurred now, from offline networking to online networking. As we know there are many useful tools out there for job seekers to help in their pursuit of new employment. This infographic from Jobvite shows some interesting statistics about the social network job search.

click on the image for a larger view
source: Jobvite

Dear Facebook: help me get a job

More and more savvy job seekers are using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to help them find a job. Most people associate LinkedIn with job searches more than Facebook, but this infographic shows some interesting statistics that may surprise you.  MBA Online have put together this intriguing infographic on Social Job Search – Can Facebook Get You a Job?

How did you find your last job?  Feel free to share in the comments below how much of a role social media played in your last job search.

                        Click on image to enlarge

Social Job Search
Infographic courtesy of  MBA Online

Facebook friend or foe

799 friends on facebook – Wow! Sounds sort of like an accomplishment doesn’t it?

But, who do you really know out of those 799 people? Guess who is reading the resume you just submitted to that huge advertising firm you really want a job with? Remember Ryan, that older guy from high school? Ryan has you on facebook (you never spoke in high school besides that one time you accidentally walked into him) and he is now searching your profile and notices all the party pictures, that not so friendly page you “liked”, and your recent status update of having a few double caesers on your lunch break.  Now flash-forward to the recycling bin – your resume is in it. Who knew that Mr. Ryan would be the person who received your resume? Think about that every time you apply for a job. The people you added on facebook, and never think about could be your next boss, or friend of your next boss!

As a Gen-Yer I am very active on the social media platforms. How can I not be? It’s part of what my generation does. I go on my laptop and iPhone more than I watch TV. I check facebook more than I check my mailbox. I update my facebook more than I update my closet. I have found out some of the most intimate details from some of my “friends”, or should I say “acquaintances”, on facebook just by their photos and statuses. Who had a baby, who got married, etc.

It’s very easy for me to assume that everyone in my generation is partaking is some form of social media. If my Gen-Z nieces and my Baby Boomer mother is, then you better believe that all the Gen-Yer’s sure are! Which is where I get confused. Why are Gen-Yer’s, fresh out of university and looking for that career job, posting party pictures and joining controversial online groups? Does my tech savvy generation have no clue how easy it is to Google someone? All a future employer needs is your name and POOF! Your entire online life is at their fingertips.

Sure, I have pictures I wouldn’t want seen by my employers, but guess what? I know my way around privacy settings. And let’s not forget about your friends’ privacy settings. Are they open? If so, it may be time to do an audit of their party photos which you’ve been tagged in. A future employer could judge your character by the people you choose to friend with.  And if it’s an absolute must for you to add that racy picture or join that not so PC group, hide it from the ones that matter or could matter. Or, use the fail proof option of just-not-posting-it.

The simple fact of whether or not you get hired for that dream job, regardless of your experience, can be based on your facebook, Twitter, or blog.  So watch out Gen-Y and all other generations for that matter. Technology has made employers smarter than you think, and it’s the very social platform you’re using that will be your demise.

~ Lindsey Ulaszonek

Social Media Day 2011

Happy Social Media Day (#SMDay) !!! On this day, all over the world, people are  going to MeetUps, TweetUps, and parties, all in the name of celebrating social media. Social media for me is all about connecting with people and building community. What does is mean to you?

Our lives have changed in the past few years as social media has become another way for us to interact with friends, colleagues, clients and anybody else out there who is listening.

I use social media pretty much every day. I have a fair amount of knowledge on the subject. I’ve spoken on a panel about social media for small businesses. I’ve advised business owners on social media strategy. I’ve been interviewed about social media policies in the workplace, and just yesterday I advised a business colleague about social media strategies, tools and etiquette.

In our conversation yesterday, she asked me if our company had a social media manual, a ‘how-to’. It was a good reminder for me that I haven’t written one yet. I have verbally trained staff at our company how to use certain tools, etiquette, strategy etc.  But I admit, I have not written it down on paper.

I firmly believe that companies should have a social media policy set in place. We have our new employees read and sign the policy during the onboarding process. Our employees use social media to connect and reach out to their networks. It is part of our corporate culture. Many companies still have yet to embrace social media because they don’t know where it fits in with their corporate culture.

Understanding the value of social media in the workplace is the first step. Creating a policy for existing and new employees is next. Writing a social media manual, and integrating that into the onboarding and training process is the next step for our company. I guess I better get writing.

~ Jessica Rozitis

photo credit: Lee Hopkins

What’s your Social Media recipe?

Social Media is about exactly that, being social. What’s the point in doing it if you aren’t comfortable to show who you really are.  At McNak we have truly fallen for social media.  We think it has brought out more of our authentic self than we could initially have imagined.

What’s your recipe for social media in its abilities to show who you really are, or are you not yet ready to share?  Mat Wilcox, CEO and founder of  public relations and social media firm Wilcox Group says “if you are not in social media you are a dinosaur and missing key opportunities and potentially doing your company harm.”

Make it personal

hellomynameisSocial networking is great.  There, I’ve said it.

Connecting with like minded people on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook can be valuable. It simply depends on how you make it work for you. Social media defines McNak’s culture.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with Gillian Shaw, Digital Writer for the Vancouver Sun, and I was able to provide my take on how McNak deals with social media policies and the use of social media sites with our employees.  I originally ‘met’ Gillian on Twitter.  Gillian wrote a great article in today’s Vancouver Sun on this subject. Interesting read.

I had the opportunity to meet Gillian in person today at the SOHO SME business conference.  She was speaking on a panel with Rich Patterson and Shane Gibson – “The Business of Social Media: How to Maximize Connections Using Social Communities on the Internet”.

I had also ‘met’ Rich Patterson of NinePointTen Social Media and Patterson Brands on Twitter, and was happy to meet him in person today.  Wherever you make those social connections – whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN etc. – there is nothing like meeting these great folks in person.

McNak embraces social media.  It keeps us connected to our community, and keeps the conversation flowing.  It also provides another avenue for new connections.  It’s just nice to make it personal once in a while.

~Jessica Rozitis